Aaron Mitchell Talks Berwyn’s The Outta Space (City of Neighborhoods Project)

One of Chicago’s most interesting and true-to-the-core nicknames is the “City of Neighborhoods.” The City of Neighborhoods Project highlights the assets of some of Chicago’s neighborhoods and nearby suburbs. Read their full arsenal of Berwyn interviews here!

Aaron Mitchell,
Owner, The Outta Space

“The Outta Space started as a concept of a collaborative effort of doing pop-up shows, which was film, art, music, and sometimes elements of other performance. That collaborative multi-disciplinary concept is a major part of our vision. The main part of what we do here is it’s a collaborative space. Mondays through Wednesdays we have classes and workshops set up, Thursdays through Saturday we have live entertainment. It’s kind of a strange setup in a way because it’s not traditional. I’m also going to open on Tuesday nights, and we’re going to have workshops and talks for an hour and then have a creative open gym after that. We have a Wednesday night improv class that’s been solid, and we have drop-in improve on Monday nights. We’ve also had some variety shows where we hit all those elements. Our art shows, we always incorporate multiple genres and disciplines. And we do a lot of live music. The music is eclectic, but it’s curated and highly supported. We’re pulling in music from the local community and the region. We just like to take pride that it’s going to be quality. Our vision is what seems to make everything happen. The vision is really to support or inspire collaboration, which in turn, turns into exhibition, performance, or whatever it turns out to be. There’s been a lot of cross-pollinating, energy, and excitement from these nights where you can see it actually working. The people you meet, the people meeting each other, getting inspired by each other and wanting to work together, even outside of here, that’s awesome.  That’s what you hope for.”

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