Culver’s Honored by Peers with Business Excellence Award

George W. Ashby Award Recognizes a Berwyn Main-Stay

Culver’s, located at 6943 W Roosevelt Rd, will be recognized as the recipient of the 8th Annual George W. Ashby Award for Business Excellence at a cocktail party on Saturday, March 24, 2017. The event will celebrate the recipients of both the 33rd Annual Charles E. Piper Award and the Ashby Award and will feature small bites and drinks. The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. at Paisans Pizzeria & Bar located at 6226 W. Ogden Ave in Berwyn, IL.

In July 1984, the first Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurger restaurant opened for business in Sauk City, WI. Owner Craig Culver ran the restaurant, remembering one of his dad’s many sayings: “Don’t mess with the quality.” Through this wisdom, guidance, coaching and teaching, the business began to thrive.

Franchisee Guy Hollis was attracted to Berwyn because of the sense of pride he felt from residents. Hollis rode his bike through town to get to know the area better and knew the location was perfect for a brand new Culver’s. In 2011, Berwyn’s Culver’s was built on Roosevelt Road, replacing a vacant mixed use space.

The business has had a positive impact in the city ever since. Culver’s invests in the community that invests in them, giving back 1% of their total sales through various Berwyn-centric endeavors including community-focused events and fundraisers, providing jobs to residents, donations to local schools—even donating a scoreboard to the Berwyn Park District. They have participated in notable local events like Berwyn’s Oktoberfest, where brand mascot Scoopie makes highly anticipated appearances in the family pavilion, as well as the annual BDC Zombie Walk and Pub Crawl, where they host face painting before festivities kick off. “We were excited to work with Berwyn Development Corporation because they really helped us become familiar with the community and where to get involved,” said Hollis.

What’s more, Hollis values the importance of homegrown mentorship and leadership development. Culver’s wants to see the continued success of their long-time employees and takes an active role in facilitating that growth. The business gives dedicated employees the chance to become part-owners at new Culver’s locations. Culver’s created the Culver Franchising System, Inc. (CFSI) with the goal of ensuring that franchise growth would coincide with proper training, education and personal and professional growth. “They’ve helped us create success. We just want to support them as they’ve supported us.”

Andy Sotiropoulos, BDC Board President, stated, “Culver’s dedication to the City of Berwyn is worth celebrating. Their involvement has made an incredible impact and we are thrilled to present them with this year’s Ashby award.”

The George W. Ashby Award for Business Excellence is a local honor named after one of Berwyn’s distinguished early architects. Mr. Ashby was responsible for the design of every grade school in Berwyn as well as J. Sterling Morton High School. The award is given annually to one Berwyn-based business that presents a professional and favorable image to Berwyn, provides quality goods or services, maintains a visually appealing space, and practices high quality customer service to its patrons.

For more information on the Ashby Award, contact the BDC at 708-788-8100.

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