Love Letters to Berwyn from Lincoln Middle School

By Metzli F.

Grew up, in this place
Everyone here knows you are beautiful
It can be unusual with cute small soccer teams
It’s all right just wait and see
Your string of lights are still bright to me
You can have a flaw or two but that’s all right
Your little streets are almost empty at night
Your parks filled with little kids
While the parents sit
And capture these moments
The camera gets prepared and starts to focus
While the teens are starting to grow up
In a perfect place
A small little town in the United States
And I will remember your name, Berwyn
People at the stores earning money and workin’

Huge storms with a sunset
Spring comes and seeds get planted
I still remember the smell of the rain
Grass grows and the pavement glows
It’s never too late to be better
And yes you might have crazy weather
But that´s okay because rain and your smile bright as the sun
Create this crazy colorful rainbow
And you make me have this feeling in which I know just begun
And just so you know, you are not unknown
New York, Chicago, Orlando are overthrown
Grew up, in this place
Everyone here knows you are beautiful


Dear Berwyn,

I have just moved here not too long ago and I have yet to explore all that you hold. I have not seen much. I have not met many but so far everything and everyone is great. Like everyone you have pros and cons but why focus on the bad? I love the places you provide. They bring happiness and cheer to many. They bring people together and make us more of a community. I appreciate the schools you provide that bring knowledge and care to children. They contain great teachers and great classmates. I love the people you hold. They’ve been welcoming and kind. They do not know much of me but they have shared you and helped me discover more of you. You provide diversity and protection better than others. You provide so much to so many. Many say you are old and hold on to all the old but with old comes history and value. You may be old but you remind everyone where you come from and what you went through to become who you are. I can see you are underestimated but people do not know about the great you they’re missing out on. To them you’re irrelevant but you are meaningful and important to lots. I have yet to meet and discover all of you. I may not have much to say because I know so little but one thing I know for sure is that I look forward to making memories with you.
-Isabel G.


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