Meet Berwyn’s Entrepreneurs: Andy Sotiropoulos of Connie’s Family Restaurant & Cocktails

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Meet Andy Sotiropoulos, restaurateur extraordinaire at local staple Connie’s Family Restaurant & Cocktails (3271 S Harlem Ave, Berwyn), est. Jan 1944

Hometown: Born in Berwyn’s MacNeal Hospital
Current Residence: Palos Park, IL
About Andy: What’s up, I’m Andy. I’m a first generation Greek-American born here, with both of my parents coming from Greece. I’m married with one kid.

The Business Side: Connie’s Family Restaurant has been here since 1944! The restaurant was started by my father’s uncle, who took over what used to be a restaurant/bar. My parents remodeled in 1988 to how it stood up until 6 years ago, when I started making some more changes.  We offer not only our standard breakfast, lunch and dinner but banquets and catering as well.

Describe yourself using 3 words.
Driven: Once I start a project or begin something in general, it takes a lot to pull me away from it until I’m finished.
Ambitious: I not only strive to do better for myself, but for the community that has been extremely supportive of my family for many years.
Blunt: I have no filter, so I really don’t sugar coat many things.

What inspires you?
My parent’s and family inspire me. They were able to accomplish so much after coming here with next to nothing, not even knowing the language. I feel like I should be able to accomplish just as much, if not more, since they provided so much for my sister and I.

Tell us something that people might not know about you.
A lot of people don’t know that I played hockey from first grade all the way up until college. My favorite team of course is the Chicago Blackhawks.

What makes you laugh?
This might sound terrible, but people falling down makes me laugh, as long as they aren’t hurt. I don’t know why —I can’t help it!

What do you consider mankind’s greatest invention?
I consider the automobile to be mankind’s greatest invention. I’ve always loved cars and still do. There are too many cars to choose a favorite. I have 1972 charger that I wish I could drive more.  And I love the 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible with suicide doors, so cool.

Would you rather meet your ancestors or descendants?
I’d much rather meet my descendants. It would be interesting to see what kind of legacy I leave behind…hopefully a good one!

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